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Introduction to metal trophies and common sense of wearing them

The wearing common sense of the hardware badge

In life, when participating in activities, the badges worn by the participants are often seen; the badges worn at the meeting; the badges worn by the school; and different badges represent different meanings. Embodying the identity of wearing people, showing the wearing of people's etiquette image, solid wearing badge of the little common sense, people must understand.

Hardware badges are generally worn in the left chest position, where, for example, some meeting badges need to be worn on the collar of the suit, while armband and collar have corresponding fixed positions.

Hardware badge literally, is the people wear a kind of honor, memorial and other medals, in fact, the real use of the badge is very wide, and a lot of varieties, such as some promotional activities, key scenic tourist memorials, etc., hardware badge is a small jewelry, in the promotion and promotion activities, are used as a badge as a memento, Has the value of a collection.

Badge if the scale is larger and perhaps compared, can ask for an increase in the bayonet needle to avoid the fall of the badge, valuable clothes, can use magnets to avoid leaving a prickly needle pinhole on the clothes; at the same time, pregnant women and children can also use magnet accessories, can avoid stab wounds, develop a good badge wearing habits, so that life is full and wonderful.

Metal Medals

  Metal TrophyMedals are metal plates issued to competition winners, with metal plates, silver medals, bronze medals and so on. Today, Yao Sheng can take you to see what its manufacturing process is like.

1. Limitations

The often heat treatment of the mold installed on the grandstand, the drawing of the pressure of the copper sheet may be iron pieces and other different medals to make the material.

2. Punching material

Use the pre-done knife mold, the product according to its shape, with a punch to wash down the product.

3. Polishing

Put the knife mold down the product into the polishing machine polishing, remove the stamping burr, improve the finish of the product.

4. Accessories for Welding Medals

Weld the back of the product with solder to the medal specification fittings or accessories requested by the customer.

5, the manufacture of medal mold. In the computer design of the manuscript into the engraving machine program to make up the knife road for mold carving, in the carving process to pay attention to the thickness of the knife pattern, after engraving according to the figure to compare the mold whether there is a lack to heat the mold to enhance the hardness and durability of the mold.

6, the medal for electroplating and coloring. According to customer requirements for the medal plating, can be gilded, silver plating, nickel plating, plating red copper and so on, and then according to customer requirements of the medal color, finish color, high temperature baking, in order to enhance the color fastness.

After the next step, a complete fit of the guest's request for the medal was made.

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