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Metal trophies and wooden medals how to mosaic text

Metal trophies and wooden medals how to mosaic text

Wood products inlaid in China has a long history, widely used in furniture, screens, Muto medals and daily utensils, such as a lot of mosaic, according to the embedded materials can be divided into jade embedding, bone embedding, color wood embedding, metal embedding, shell embedding or several material combination cymbals, etc., according to the mosaic process can be divided into excavation, compression, splicing and mosaic adhesive

Excavation: In the medal decoration site to the mosaic pattern of the outer contour line as the boundary, with the tool to dig out the certain depth of the pit, and then with the bottom color of different wood or other materials set into a pattern embedded in the pit, and decorative processing. Mosaic elements and Muto medals are decorated with the appearance of the same plane is called flat inlay; the mosaic element is higher than the decoration appearance, has the relief effect, is called the high inlay, the component is lower than the decoration appearance is called the low inlay.

Pressing: Attach the mosaic element to the appearance of the wooden medal, and then apply a large pressure on the mosaic element, so that part of its thickness is pressed into the decoration appearance, and then use the sanding machine will be the mosaic element higher than the decorative appearance of part of the sand mill off. The method does not need to dig pits, save workers, efficient, but must use a larger hardness of the mosaic elements, at the junction of the component and the bottom plate part of the sinking phenomenon.

Mosaic: With different colors and shape scale must be the elements of the component into a pattern, and pasted on the base surface of the wooden medal, the base surface completely covered. The method only cymbals not embedded, has the relief effect.

Mosaic Adhesive: Also known as thin wood inlay, will be inlaid with drawings or thin wood mosaic elements first embedded in the thin wood as the bottom plate, and then glue them together to the Particleboard or MDF and other substrates, play the effect of decoration appearance.