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Billion Hua technology takes you to make metal awards before

How is a metal medal made?

Over the past few years, the value of medal preservation has become more and more high, copper is the first choice of gold to make medals, this metal material is relatively soft, it is the manufacture of metal medals using more information, made out of the metal medal appearance Beautiful, thatMetal Award PlateHow is it done? What are the manufacturing processes? billion Hua technology to take you to see.

① Design medal artwork. With the popularization of computer technology, artwork replaced the previous manual artwork.

② limit. The often heat treatment of the mold installed on the grandstand, the pattern of the pressure of copper or iron sheet and other different medals to make the material.

③ punching material. Use the pre-done knife mold, the product according to its shape, with a punch to wash down the product.

④ polished. Put the knife mold down the product into the polishing machine polishing, remove the stamping burr, improve the finish of the product.

Accessories for ⑤ Welding medals. Weld the reverse of the product with solder to the medal standard accessories or the accessories requested by the customer.

⑥ the medals for electroplating and coloring. According to customer requirements for the medal plating, can be gilded, silver plating, nickel plating, plating red copper and so on, and then according to customer requirements of the medal color, finish color, high temperature baking, in order to enhance the color fastness. Through this step, a complete medal that meets the guest's requirements is made.

⑦ makes medal molds. Put in the computer design of the manuscript into the engraving machine program to make up the knife road for mold carving, in the carving process to pay attention to the thickness of the knife pattern, engraved after the figure to compare the mold is missing. The mold should then be heat-treated to enhance the hardness and durability of the mold.

⑧ to make a good medal according to the customer's requirements for packaging. Packaging generally divided into ordinary packaging and high-end packaging such as Kam box, etc., we generally follow the requirements of customers to operate.

Some common data of metal medals metal medal customization is the use of copper, iron, zinc alloy or gold and silver and other metal materials, through a certain medal process made.