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How many processes are made of metal badge making

The variety of badges according to its manufacturing process is a common badge classification method, badge manufacturing process with a number of several badge technology is paint, enamel, imitation enamel, stamping, printing and so on, we are the first to introduce the variety of these badges.

The variety of badges one: Paint badge paint Features: colorful, clear lines and crisp, metal material texture, can choose copper or iron to do raw materials, including iron paint badge is cheap and good, if your budget is less, choose this appropriate! The exterior of the paint badge can be coated with a layer of bright protective resin (Polly), which is commonly known as "drip glue" (note that due to the refraction of light, the appearance of the badge will be lit after the glue), but with the resin after the paint badge lost the bump feeling.

Variety of badges Two: imitation enamel badge imitation enamel badge appearance is flat, (relative paint badge, in fact imitation enamel badge appearance of metal lines with fingers to feel or a little bulge. ) The outer lines of the badge can be gilded, silver-plated and other metallic colors,Metal badgeA variety of imitation enamel pigments are filled between lines. The manufacturing process of imitation enamel badge is similar to that of enamel badge (Cloisonne badge), and the difference with true enamel is that the enamel pigment used in the badge is different (one is the true enamel pigment, one is the composition enamel pigment, imitation enamel pigment. Imitation enamel badge, exquisite technology, enamel color appearance smooth, especially delicate, give people a very high-end luxury feeling, is the preferred choice of badge manufacturing process. If you first make a beautiful and high-end badge, please choose imitation enamel badge and even enamel badge.

Variety of badges Three: Stamping badge stamping badge generally selected badge information is copper (bronze, red copper, etc.), zinc alloy, aluminum, iron, etc., also known as Metal badge. Among them because of copper soft, suitable for the manufacture of badges, so copper pressure badge lines clear, zinc alloy badge second, of course, due to the problem of data prices, the corresponding copper pressure badge price is also high. Stamping badge appearance can do a variety of electroplating functions, including gold plating, nickel plating, copper plating, bronze plating, plating gu Yin and other different electroplating functions, while stamping badge concave part can also handle the role of grinding sand, and then create a variety of exquisite stamping badges.

Variety of badges four: Print badge printing badges are divided into screen printing and flat-panel printing, which is generally called drip badges. Since the final process of the badge is in the appearance of the badge plus a layer of bright protective resin (Polly), printing badge use of the data is the first stainless steel, bronze two kinds of information, printing badges of copper or stainless steel appearance is not electroplating treatment, generally choose the original color may be brushed treatment. Screen printing badge and flat print emblem of the first difference is: Screen printing badge is the primary for graphics abbreviated, less color, and flat printing is the first for complex patterns, more colors, especially the gradient, correspondingly, flat print badges more exquisite.

Variety of badges five: Bite badge Bite Badge general selection of bronze, stainless steel, iron and other materials, with delicate lines, because of the appearance plus a layer of bright resin (Polly), Hand touch has a gentle bulge feeling, colorful features. Relative to other processes, the bite version of the badge manufacturing abbreviated, well-designed artwork film, through the sun exposure, the film on the badge of the manuscript will be transferred to the copper plate, and then with chemicals will demand hollowed out the graphic corrosion out, and then through the coloring, grinding version, light, punching, welding needles, electroplating and other processes, a bite version of the The thickness of the bite badge is generally 0.8mm.

Variety of Badges six: tinplate badge tinplate Badge manufacturing data for tinplate, it craft relatively abbreviated, exterior package paper, printing pattern by the customer supply, it badge price is cheap, manufacturing relatively abbreviated, more suitable student team or general team badge, as well as general corporate promotional supplies, promotional items and so on.