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About metal Crafts decoration custom How to maintain

AboutMetal Crafts Decoration CustomizationHow to maintain, we extend, resin handicraft ornaments attributed to high-end handicrafts, it is not as popular as daily necessities. A delicate resin, not bought in there to watch is enough, but also to grasp its maintenance methods, talent forever luster, the following to share the resin handicraft ornaments maintenance experience.

1. Cleaning of resin crafts ornaments

Many people find their resin crafts ornaments dirty, they like to use a wet rag scrub. If often with a wet rag wipe, will allow moisture to deepen into the resin, gradually will damage the resin, so, cleaning can be used with dry cotton cloth or feather duster on the resin crafts dust.

2. Polishing of resin crafts ornaments

If you find that the usual resin handicraft ornaments are not good luster, you can use a brush to apply glazing wax to the appearance of resin crafts, with a rag wipe polishing can be. Or scrub with waxy or grease-containing fabrics.

3. Storage of resin Crafts ornaments

Resin crafts are afraid of the sun exposure, so must not be placed in direct sunlight of the local, or long time may lead to cracking. Secondly, resin crafts should not be placed in extremely moist local. In a very humid environment, part of the resin due to material reasons, the president of the "Hair" moldy. If, home has high-end resin works of art, can put it in the living room furniture, to ensure that the sun does not get the local Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. is a design, mold, production and sales of integrated enterprise. Factory has advanced production equipment and professional and technical personnel. Manufacture of high quality gift crafts: Metal badges,Key Buckle Custom, Medals, commemorative coins customization, bottle opener, exquisite concentration, car base, metal accessories, three-dimensional Buddha statues, models, exquisite jewelry and so on.