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Analysis on the production process of metal crafts Buddha statue

Craft decoration carbon carving process process

  Buddha Statue of Metal craftsIt is more common in life. So, what exactly is a charcoal carving?

Carbon carving is from high-quality wood carbon, shell carbon, mineral carbon and other active carbon end and special minerals with natural high-tech data, after dozens of processes of deep processing of activated carbon molding, and in the large limit to preserve the activity of activated carbon on the basis of the traditional craft craft carving, With precious natural. Pigment coloring, color antique nature, giving high-tech products elegant shape and strong cultural heritage, is the perfect combination of activated carbon molding technology and traditional carving process, in the attention to the health of the masses at the same time with the decoration function, is a clean air and can beautify the environment of multi-functional environmental protection products. Carbon carvings can continuously adsorb all kinds Purify indoor air, beautify the lived environment, both worlds.

So, what is the process of its process?

First, the dry molded product is loaded into the metal box, stamped, the furnace car into the activation furnace, close the furnace door. Turn over the power supply and adjust the voltage to the specified value, according to the furnace temperature slowly rise, rise to a temperature, start the vacuum equipment, the box gas will be excluded.

After continuous heating, and the box reached a higher temperature when the vacuum equipment exhaust, after a number of heating and exhaust after the furnace temperature can reach the specified high value. The subsequent work is to heat up and protect the vacuum for several hours, so that it slowly cool down, after a number of regulation, can make the furnace temperature down to the indoor temperatures, furnace pressure rise to the normal pressure. Open the door to drag out the car to remove the product, sampling for inspection. If qualified, the activation is completed, and if it is not qualified, the reason for the activation is again.

In this way, a complete carbon carving product is completed. What is the role of carbon carving? The small part of the next for everyone to explain.

First, can continuously adsorb all kinds of toxic gases in the air (nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, benzene and its congeners, ammonia, radon, sulfur dioxide, etc.), smoke, odor, etc., can be useful to purify the air, eliminate air pollution, maintain human health.

Second, can isolate electromagnetic waves.

Third, can be useful to curb mold and microbial reproduction, bacteriostatic mites, moisture and mildew.

Four, with sound-absorbing noise reduction effect, negative ion air freshness effect and far infrared thermal effect.

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