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Discussion on the fabrication technology of metal die casting Accessories

Manufacturing process of Hardware badge

Hardware badge is a kind of honor that people wear, souvenir and other medals, in fact, the badge is really very useful, and a lot of varieties, such as some promotional activities, key scenic spots, such as a small jewelry, in the promotion and promotion of the use of badges, all with the badge as a souvenir, with the value of the collection.

Hardware badge raw materials generally use copper, iron and other data to manufacture, the appearance of color generally has paint, imitation enamel, bite version, etc., according to the different technology, the effect of the badge is not the same.

Hardware badge copper raw materials generally as a special souvenir chapter, its characteristics are thick, rough, high-end, especially red copper texture, gold seal is the badge of jiapin, generally for a special souvenir activities and quantitative issuance of the badge; Iron raw materials made of badges, thin body, delicate workmanship, accurate color, appearance light, not easy to corrode.

Hardware badge varieties, including iron Badge, zinc alloy badge, copper badge and so on, most of the process through cartography, plate making, engraving, stamping, polishing, electroplating, filling and other processes end.

Hardware badge in the manufacturing process, every process is very important, such as drawing, even if the simple lines, but also very crucial, it is the beginning of the badge manufacturing step, the subsequent work is based on it, engraving is the need to align the artwork, if less lines and not by the following people found, will be all invalidated processing, Stamping should pay special attention to the alignment of the mold, polishing quality can not be ignored, must be thrown to fit, electroplating is also very critical, especially gold-plated, electroplating time must be controlled well, otherwise it will be very simple to show chromatic aberration, the subsequent is to fill the color, fill the color like a person's face, generally attributed to manual operation, The need for technical staff to operate, you can prevent some magazines on the color, see bottom and other issues presented, and so on after the completion of the above process, the hardware badge can be packaged.

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