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How to make a metal badge to look tall on

What craft does metal badge do appear high-end?

In recent years, the value of badge collection has become more and more prominent, especially the use of metal materials made of badges and memorials, but also became the mainstream of the current badge production. The so-called Metal badge is the selection of copper, iron, zinc alloy or gold and silver and other metal materials, through a certain badge process made. A lot of people askMetal badgeWhat craft appears high-end below mainly on several different data production of metal badge features to make a brief introduction.

First, copper

Copper is a first-choice metal for making high-end badges, while copper is used in the production of enamel badges, and brass and bronze are mainly used in metal badges such as imitation enamel badges and paint badges. Copper This metal data is relatively soft, it is the production of metal badges to choose more information, the production of metal badges beautiful appearance, quality, its general thickness of 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm or 1.8 mm, the thickness of the memorial is generally 3 mm.

Second, iron

Iron is a common data, it has a characteristic is good hardness, price is relatively cheap, so the price of metal badges made of iron is much cheaper, and the effect of electroplating or paint on the exterior of the iron badge is very similar to the copper badge, but also has a relatively good texture.

Third, zinc alloy

Zinc alloy is a good application data of die-casting metal badge. Zinc Alloy has several features very suitable for making metal badges, suitable for the production of stereo badges and double-sided commemorative coins. A-casting performance is good, can die-casting shape complex, thin-walled rice cipher, casting appearance lubrication; B-appearance can be electroplating, painting, spraying and other processes; C-in die-casting does not absorb iron, non-stick mold, etc., D-has a good mechanical and wear resistance at room temperature, etc. E-low melting point, melting at 385 degrees, simple die-casting molding, etc.

In the badge production, in addition to copper, iron, zinc alloy, stainless steel, non-rust iron several data production of metal badges, there are gold and silver and other precious metals and aluminum and other metal badges.

Craftsmanship and skills, improved never-ending, improvement is the process of continuous investment, sports medals, anniversary metal badge production Lean changes are not simple management changes, but from the upper to the bottom of the way of thinking and corporate culture changes, as a certain manufacturing enterprises we seize the opportunity, deep integration of process skills and production skills, Improve the production of hard power and influence within the industry, establish a century-old metal craft gift brand.