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Tips for distinguishing metal badges

What does the quality of the metal badge look?

Metal badge is a symbol of personal honor, once you get a bad quality badge, will inevitably affect the mood, then, the quality of metal badge how to see?

1, printing badges, bite Badge, drip badge and paint badge, etc., its production process are relatively simple, can only be regarded as popular badge. In particular, the use of iron or alloy badges, more suitable for the price of special requirements for customers.

2, badge custom-made process is one of the important elements of high-quality badge. Generally speaking, but any high-quality items, its production process will be relatively messy. Enamel craftsmanship is one of the messy processes in the production of badges, so enamel badges are real high quality badges.

3, badge planning, badge accessories is also a high-quality badge customization of one of the elements. A true high-quality badge, the planning of which is bound to be reasonable. In terms of accessories, will choose a relatively high-quality accessories, such as safety pins, round head high card, etc., badge packaging will also choose high-quality wooden boxes, flocking boxes and so on.

4. Gold and silver are not commonly used materials for metal badge customization. High quality badge preference information for copper, special is red copper and copper, red copper and copper material is softer, can easily form a variety of badge planning patterns on the surface.

5, other copper data also has a good resistance to erosion, wear resistance, casting and good mechanical functions, so it has become a high-quality badge of the preferred information.

Metal badge making is popular with a wide range of users. Low price, quality to ensure, for the national factory direct sales, look forward to more new and old customer exchanges and collaboration, drawings for reference only, specifically according to customer pleas to customize.

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