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Detail the type of production process of metal badge

What are the variety of processes manufactured by metal badges?

RecentlyMetal badgeThe value of the collection is becoming more and more prominent, especially the use of metal materials to manufacture badges and memorials, then metal badges made of the variety of processes?

1, zinc Alloy Category: According to the color process for false enamel, paint, not into the color.

2, Lead tin alloy/PAP alloy: According to the color process for imitation enamel, paint, not into the color.

3, pressure cutting category: According to the color process can be divided into: enamel, imitation enamel, paint (copper paint, iron paint, aluminum paint), non-color bite version of the class is etching. The optional raw materials are copper, iron, aluminum and stainless iron. The coloring process has a paint or no color.

4, Paint process

Colorful, clear lines, metal material texture strong, can choose copper or iron to do raw materials, in the meantime Iron paint badge is cheap and good, if your budget is less, choose this appropriate.

5, imitation enamel process

The manufacturing process is similar to the enamel badge, and the difference between the true enamel lies in the use of the enamel pigment used in the badge different imitation enamel badge, the craft is profound, the enamel color appearance is smooth, especially delicate, gives the person a very high-end luxurious feeling. It is the perfect choice for the badge manufacturing process.

6, stamping process

Stamping badge General selection of badge information has copper, zinc alloy, aluminum, iron, etc., which can also be called Metal badge. In the meantime due to copper soft, suitable for the manufacture of badges, stamping badge concave parts can also handle the role of grinding sand.

7. Printing process

Divided into screen printing, flat-panel printing. It is also generally called a drip badge, because the final process of the badge is in the appearance of the badge plus a layer of bright protective resin, the use of the data is first stainless steel, Bronze 2 kinds of materials. Pictured right is the effect of bronze on the back, printing badges of copper or stainless steel appearance is not electroplating treatment, the choice of nature may be brushed treatment. Screen printing badges are the primary for simple graphics and less color. Printing: Raw materials can be selected copper, aluminum, stainless iron.