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Designing the process of making metal medals

How metal badges are selected and their production processes

The process of the metal badge badge is not much different, starting with the badge of what features you need to pick, for example:

1. Paint badge

Paint badge is not only the first color paint, and then roasted dry with fire, some will add a layer of glue to the top, but add glue after the paint badge lost the bump. Feel, but can play a role in protecting the LOGO.

2. Imitation Enamel badge

Imitation enamel badge appearance is flat, (compared to paint, in fact, imitation enamel badge appearance of metal lines with fingers to feel still a little raised) if you first make a beautiful and high-end badge, please choose imitation enamel badge.

3. Stamping badge

Stamping badge appearance can do a variety of electroplating functions, including gold plating, nickel plating, copper plating, bronze plating, plating gu Yin and other different electroplating functions. The part of the stamping badge concave can also handle the effect of grinding sand.

4. Print Badges

Divided into screen printing, flat-panel printing. Printing badges of copper or stainless steel appearance is not electroplating treatment, the choice of nature may be brushed treatment. Screen printing badges are mainly for graphics abbreviated, less color.

When the metal badge is selected, it is necessary to understand the production process, the process is almost the same, most of the process is the same, only a few small details need to be made according to the characteristics.

Process 1: Design badge artwork. If you want to generate 3D badge results map, and demand 3D Max and other software support. About the color, the world uses PANTONE SOLID COATED, because the PANTONE color can better match the color, reduce the ability of chromatic aberration.

Process 2: ProductionMetal MedalsBadge mold. Put in the computer design of the manuscript, to lose color, made from the mouth color leak embodiment of concave and convex metal mouth manuscript, according to the inevitable proportion of printed sulfuric acid paper, with photosensitive ink exposure method to make engraving template, and then use engraving machine according to the appearance of the template to mold. At the end of the die, the model is also required for thermal disposal to enhance the hardness of the mold.

Process 3: Limitations. The mold device, which is often thermally disposed of, is grandstand, and the pictures are turned on with different badges such as copper or iron sheets.

Process 4: Punching. Use the pre-done knife mold, the item according to its shape, with a punch to flush the item down.

Process 5: Polishing. Put the knife mold down the items into the polishing machine polishing, to lose the stamping burr, improve the brightness of the goods.

Process 6: Accessories for welding badges. The discord of the item is welded to the badge specification accessory.

Process 7: electroplating and coloring the badge. According to customer requirements for the badge plating, can be gold-plated, silver-plated, nickel plating, plating red copper, and then according to customer requirements of the badge coloring, finish color, high temperature baking, in order to enhance the color fastness.

Process 8: Wrap the good badge according to the customer's requirements. Packaging ordinary packaging and high-end packaging such as Kam box, etc., we generally follow the requirements of customers to operate.