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About the electroplating color fading on the metal badge

Metal badge will the plating color never fade?

We're common.Metal badgeIs such as iron, copper, zinc alloy and other materials manufacturing, looks high-end exquisite, the appearance must have electroplating layer, at the same time electroplating layer is to play a protective role.

Electroplating color is common gold, pearl Nickel, bronze, ancient bronze, rose gold and so on. Metal badge plating color will never fade?

In gold, real gold is expensive, only when customers specifically clarify the need to use real gold time we will give electroplating real gold. Other general electroplating ordinary gold, it will not be as easy to oxidize discoloration as imitation gold, nor will it be as expensive as real gold. Fading generally has three reasons: first, the bottom is not good, gold plating should be used silver plating bottom, copper plating or nickel plating bottom will change color, because copper or nickel will spread to the gold layer. The second is that the gilded layer is too thin and thin. Third, the use of pure water completely cleaned.

Metal Products in a moist environment more easily oxidized fading, so, if the customer improper use, such as just wash the hands, the hands are water stains or hands have Shang to touch, rubbing metal badges, then I believe that the good electroplating can not withstand the customer's rubbing touch pinch. The general badge is not on the chest or wrapped in the box do not fiddle with him, electroplating color will not fall quickly.

Therefore, whether a product can be used for a long time is not only a problem of product quality itself, but also the proper maintenance of the user is very important. Some customers come up to ask if it will not fade at all, then we can not ensure that never fade, just the question of the length of time.

As long as the use of appropriate, collection method is correct, a qualified metal badge to ensure that the time does not fade is generally within 2 years do not fade. Some customers say that two years after the discoloration is not very ugly, not to be invalidated, in fact, carefully think about, the designated release of sterling Silver Pure gold commemorative coins will oxidize discoloration, not to mention is the ordinary material metal badge. What we do is not commemorative coins and memorials, we do is metal badges, the first use for annual meetings, exhibitions, gifts and other timely occasions.