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Distinguish between metal badges and commemorative coins and quotations

How to distinguish between general commemorative coins and metal commemorative coins?

Although metal commemorative coins and general circulation commemorative coins belong to the RMB collection field, but there is a difference between the two. So how do you distinguish between general commemorative coins and metal commemorative coins? Here's an abbreviated way to teach you the difference.

1, the general commemorative coin circulation is relatively large, metal commemorative coins are generally quantitative distribution.

2, the general commemorative coin has a circulation, metal commemorative coins do not participate in the transfer of money and silver.

3, general commemorative coins do not dispense with the identification certificate, metal commemorative coins are generally equipped with identification certificate.

4, the current general circulation coin, a corner and a dollar is nickel clad steel material, five corners is the core copper plating material.

5, metal commemorative coins have gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins, palladium coins. At present, the first issue is gold and silver coins.

6, the generalMetal badgeCommemorative coins and precious metal commemorative coins are made of different materials, general commemorative coins are generally cast by brass alloys and other general metal materials, while precious metal commemorative coins are generally made of gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals casting.

7. The meanings represented by the two denominations are different. The denomination of a general circulation commemorative coin indicates its legal value; the denomination of a precious metal commemorative coin is a symbolic silver symbol of money and does not indicate its true value.

The above is the difference between the general commemorative coins and metal commemorative coins, there are not enough to welcome to make up.

About the badge manufacturing quotation, not the same raw materials, different skills, different accessories, different packaging, cutting process quotation cost is not the same.

The customary badge manufacturing process is: mold, mold casting, pressure embryo, polishing and polishing, picking out defective products, coloring, grindstone, washing, welding needles, electroplating, picking out defective products, packaging.

Factors affecting cost: raw materials, scales, skills, electroplating, processes, accessories, packaging.

Our usual offer is based on high-end quality costs; Assuming that customer pleas are not high, they can be calculated according to mid-range or usually quality quotes. The difference is raw materials, skills (coloring, polishing), electroplating, accessories, packaging is not the same.

Products with high quotes (good quality) are not suitable for pleading with cheap (quality) customers, cheap products (cheap quotes) are not suitable for pleading for high-end quality (high price) customers, sales is the process of communication, understand the needs of customers, we are good targeted to introduce products and skills suitable for customer needs.

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