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The extraordinary significance of metal medals

Metal badge The special meaning of metal trophy

Smiley Badge Metal Trophy is one of the most common badges in our daily days and a badge made in the manufacture of badges. With our attention, we can often see service workers from all walks of life wearing smiling badges. Whether you're shopping in a supermarket or buying a small item, you might see their operators with a big smiley badge on their chests.

Smiley badge The design of the metal trophy is relatively simple, it is generally composed of a circle, two points, plus a lone line. The pattern is simple and clear, but its warm smiling face makes people feel kind, so it wins people's wide love. Metal Badge Metal Trophy special meaning, smiley face badge is one of the most used badges in the manufacture of badges, metal trophies It generally chooses the printing process. Process can: soft enamel, paint plus drip glue, printing, tinplate iron and so on, and one of the tinplate is the use of a lot, because the tinplate raw material badge price is very cheap.

Smiley badge is usually worn on the left chest, put on it can make people radiant, happy face every day, every customer. Smiling face is an indispensable part of the day, assuming that there is no laugh, the days will become dull, learning will be dull, homework will become heavy, do everything will feel reluctant to love. If you have a smiling face to smile at others, others also smile at you, and the person who laughs at you will pass on this good mood like a torch. Wearing a smiling face badge is the way to convey such an energy. Both the metal trophy and the smiley badge have the same meaning of a jiao.