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Matters needing attention in custom design of metal medals

Metal badge custom matters to be noticed in planning

Metal badge customization is generally required to plan, the delicacy of the badge depends mainly on the quality of planning and manufacturing. Therefore, it is important to plan when the metal badge is customized, and the following should be noted when planning:

Different varieties of metal badge custom its use of the process is often not the same, for example: you want to plan an enamel badge, but if you plan the color of the badge is very complex, and there is a gradient, then not, you can only choose to use the printing badge process. Metal Badge Custom in the planning, to take full account of the characteristics of different processes, what type of badge, and what kind of planning, so as to save a lot of badge manufacturing costs, but also to create a satisfactory badge. Other, in the badge planning, but also to note that some lines can not be too thin, because in practice manufacturing, often because the lines and lines are too narrow to fill the color, while planning to make these lines into metal color.

When we make badge planning and metal badge customization, we often think that badge planning is the front planning of the badge, and focus on the beauty and precision of the front pattern of the badge, while ignoring the reverse planning of the badge. To make a complete badge, especially a mid-high-end badge, the badge reverse planning is also important, and the perfect and high quality of the opposite side of the badge is equally important. Here, let's take a look at some of the opposite features of several common badges.

In a variety of badges common on the opposite side of lithography, discharge treatment of scrub effect, there is a pattern of three kinds of cloth. The opposite side of the printing badge is mostly the selection of lithography, which looks more generous and refreshing; most of the metal badge is selected for discharge treatment, which will have a scrub effect, which looks more textured, and most of the opposite of the paint badge and The Imitation Enamel badge are selected on the opposite side of the cloth, looking more concave and convex, With the badge, the whole will also be more blended.

  Metal Medal CustomizationIn the case of reverse planning, usually leave some LOGO may be relevant information. If the demand only numbered time, will be reserved in advance of the corresponding azimuth, and then the use of laser engraving manufacturing methods. Of course, in the reverse planning, the practice of choosing what the opposite, can be based on your needs and hobbies to choose.