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Testing metal Badge Customization process is an important step

Tell me the question of metal badge customization should be noticed.

The badge according to the raw material can be divided into metal seal, porcelain chapter, Lacquer Muzang, plastic chapter, electric Muzang and so on; Aluminum bottom badge is common, it is lightweight and beautiful. Plastic badges are not wear-resistant and are limited in wear and preservation. In recent years, the development of metal raw materials made of badges, thin body, delicate workmanship, accurate color, bright appearance, not easy to corrode, not only easy to wear, more conducive to preservation. Let's talk about metal badge customization should pay attention to the problem:

First, color:

Many times some beautiful badge color, in the practice badge manufacturing can not be achieved, so try to use the standard color, we use Pantone color. If you plan to have a gradient in the center of the badge, and you insist on the need for this gradient, then there will be only one badge manufacturing process to choose from: Flat print badges, materials for bronze or stainless steel materials.

Second, line width:

The fine lines in the badge can only be shown as metal color (such as gold, silver, etc.), too fine will be too small in the direction of the way into color.

Third, the picture:

Badge drawing as simple and generous as possible, because the general badge of the size of more small, in such a small scale to accommodate a very messy badge planning, the badge will be difficult to perform well, and the picture clutter will greatly improve the cost of the badge.

Inspection is the key process in the custom manufacturing of metal badges

Inspection is a metal badge custom-made manufacturing of the back link, but also a more critical process, the general inspection method has a preliminary production inspection, production process inspection, finished product random sampling, but involves the badge manufacturing customers and manufacturing badges are not in the same place, can not go to the badge company inspection, to the inspection has brought some difficulties, The goods can only be inspected when they are received. So how does the customer check when they receive the metal badge custom finished product? Today we are the first to talk about this problem.

First, check the outer packaging:

Badge products are generally sent by courier, if the outer packaging is found to be damaged, be careful to sign the return slip.

Second, check the appearance of the badge:

Badge company in the production of badges, will give customers a badge sample recognition draft, compared to the recognition manuscript to check the badge has not been made wrong, including the badge of the color, badge accessories, the plating role of the badge, the coat of the material (can be used magnets to distinguish whether the badge is iron or copper) and so on.

Third, count the number of badges:

This is the badge inspection of the latter step, the general badge company will send a few more badges, the need to issue invoices, to see if there is an invoice attached.

The three knowledge points mentioned above are about the customer receivingMetal badgeCustom finished products when the needs of the content of inspection, I hope to help you!