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Identification techniques for metal badge quality

How do you distinguish the quality of a metal badge?

Badge production process is more, a delicate badge to ensure that every link does not go wrong, it is necessary to strictly in accordance with the process requirements and operating standards of each process to manufacture, so as to make a delicate special badge for everyone. Some common badge manufacturing process: paint, imitation enamel, stamping, screen printing, flat printing, bite version, offset printing, 3D three-dimensional and so on.

We all know that metal badges. Custom-made materials are mainly metal materials, so what can we do to judge that it is a high-quality badge?

Printing badges, bite badges, drip badges and paint badges, etc., its manufacturing process are relatively brief, can only be regarded as a superficial badge. In particular, the use of iron or alloy to make badges, more suitable for the price of special requirements for customers.

The custom manufacturing process of the badge is one of the important elements of the high quality badge. Generally speaking, but any high-quality items, its manufacturing process will be relatively messy. Enamel craftsmanship is one of the messy processes in the manufacture of badges, so enamel badges are real high quality badges.

Gold and silver are notMetal Trophy CustomizationOf commonly used information. The first selection of high-quality badges is copper, particularly red copper and copper, red copper and copper, which are softer and can easily form a variety of badge planning drawings on the surface. Other copper data also has good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, casting and excellent mechanical function, so it has become a high-quality badge of the first choice of information.

Badge planning, badge accessories are also one of the elements of high quality badge customization. A true high-quality badge, the planning of which is bound to be reasonable. In terms of accessories, will choose to compare with high-quality accessories, such as safety pins, round head high card, etc., badge packaging will also choose high-quality wooden boxes, flocking boxes and so on.

Features of various materials:

Copper: Copper (including brass, red copper, copper) is the first choice of metal to make high-end badges, of which copper is used in enamel badge manufacturing, and brass and bronze are mainly used for metal badges such as imitation enamel badges and paint badges. Copper This metal data is relatively soft, it is the manufacture of metal badges to choose more information, the manufacture of metal badges beautiful appearance, quality, its general thickness of 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm or 1.8 mm, the thickness of the memorial is generally 3 mm, iron: iron is a common information for us.