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Precautions for manufacture of metal award plates

In the coat of badges manufacturing, some customers need to do some high-quality, fine workmanship, three-dimensional role reflects a strong badge, in general, the common stamping process is difficult to complete, at this time it is recommended that customers use zinc alloy or tin alloy to make badges.

Both the zinc alloy badge and the tin alloy badge belong to the alloy badge, but the two are still somewhat different:

Zinc Alloy badge using die-casting molding, the production of products fine workmanship, clear corners, picture text clearly visible, and hardness than tin alloy higher, has a good wear resistance, casting surface smooth, polishing is not easy to deform sand eyes less, can be surface treatment, such as electroplating, spraying, painting and so on.

Tin Alloy hardness is not strong zinc alloy, easy to touch the characteristics of the production of silicone mold, but also because of its soft texture, low melting point, can weld features, suitable for hollow or hollow parts and other more complex products!

Precautions for making travel memorials

With China's travel monument shopping malls,Metal Award PlateThe growing, travel memorials have also become an important part of the travel industry, and the information from lead skins and aluminium to alloys has been made more and more sophisticated. Most of the travel memorials have local characteristics, which will reflect the characteristics of the travel landscape area. Such as Badaling Great Wall, Hangzhou West Lake, etc., which is not easy to buy in other places, so attractive to tourists, is the main product of travel badge manufacturing.

Precautions for making travel memorials:

1. The manufacture of travel commemorative badges must selects scenic spots with representative views, places of interest, ancient temples and other attractions 2. Considering easy to carry, travel memorials can be made into delicate, lightweight, Picture Gorgeous print badge 3. Travel Memorials can be made into a series, but given the price factor, cheap prices can also cause visitors to buy 4. Travel memorials have the value of collection, can choose enamel technology to make, but also a kind of beauty to enjoy the West Lake is one of the water towns of China's beauty, each year will hold a large travel commemoration, a trip The row of memorials adds a lot of color to the colorful activities.

Collecting these travel memorials when you get home will be a big personal spiritual treasure. Both spend less and leave a precious recollection!