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Classification of materials required for the customization of metal medals

Common Information on medal manufacturing

The common information of medal manufacturing is copper, aluminum, gold, silver and so on, in general, in addition to the Olympic Games, some of the company for the excellent staff to award medals, these are a few, but the real information above the next bit of Kung Fu is required, if the formation of a metal card is too brief, then there is not much value and meaning.

Medal manufacturing to the courage to make a different, no differences, customers can't find the north. Design and manufacture medals for customers in a variety of characteristics. Copper sand gold, sand silver, aluminum sandblasting, stacking gold, titanium anti-corrosion, drawing polishing, double color gold, gold foil medals, silver foil medals, laser engraving and other craft signs. Information is of course the choice of imported good, a variety of electroplating process, opened up a variety of processes, including laser lasers shape is not the same, looks more beautiful.

  Metal MedalsManufacturing differences, low prices, quality assurance, short delivery, cost-effective aspects, is currently looking for cooperation with the vast number of customers, hand in hand, together to open up new ideas. Price is only a reference, integrity first. The concept of good faith cooperation, requires high quality, the search for perfect state of mind, medal manufacturing is based on customer manufacturing, for reference only, will not be overly depressed, products for customers, such as your needs customized products, can supply samples and pictures to us, a variety of medal manufacturing have, color is more gorgeous, the role of eye-catching, but also high temperature It is not easy to deform and does not fade.

Corrosion resistance is also very good, there is waterproof, fireproof role, our chest brand manufacturers can according to different customer needs to do a variety of different signs. Reasonable design, advanced, customer-centric, into, elegant color, beautiful shape, and quality as the main point, preferential prices are the guarantee of customer demand. All kinds of pricing methods are inexpensive.

Depending on the shape can be divided into: medals, medals, prize plates.

Common medal information: made from aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver and other materials, also useful stone, wood, resin, organic made, or even several of the combination. Typical such as: Beijing 08 Olympic medals.

According to the different process data can be divided into: Bronze, aluminum plate screen printing, stainless steel brand, titanium metal brand, sand metal brand, pile metal brand, gold-plated brand, car paint brand, flat plate printing brand.

According to the use of the award different can be divided into: Advanced individual medals, advanced collective medals, authorized medals, joining medals, membership medals.