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What materials are needed to customize the metal badge

What information is available for metal badge customization?

First, stainless steel

Stainless steel is also known as Rust iron, mainly used in the manufacture of printing badges, also known as drip badges, its thickness is generally 0.5mm and 0.8mm. Stainless steel Metal Badge custom-made main features for strong corrosion resistance, metal durable cost-effective, and its appearance printing color rich, excellent decoration effect, is a good choice for the manufacture of badges.

Second, zinc alloy

Zinc alloy is a good application data of die-casting metal badge. Zinc Alloy has several features very suitable metal badge custom-made, suitable for the manufacture of stereo badges and double-sided commemorative coins. Of course, the metal badge made of zinc alloy also has its defects, such as poor corrosion resistance, its service life is much worse than the copper badge.

Third, copper

Copper (including brass, red copper, copper) is the preferred metal for high-end badges, while copper is used in the manufacture of enamel badges, and brass and bronze are mainly used for imitation enamel badges and paint badges, etc.Metal badgeCustomized. Copper This metal data is relatively soft, it is the manufacture of metal badges to choose more information, the manufacture of metal badges beautiful appearance, quality, its general thickness of 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm or 1.8 mm, the thickness of the memorial is generally 3 mm.

Iv. Iron

Iron is one of our common data, it has a characteristic is good hardness, price is relatively cheap, so the metal badge made of iron is much cheaper, and in the Iron Badge appearance plating or paint after the role of the copper badge is very similar, but also has a relatively good texture. But the iron Metal badge custom has a flaw is that if you take a long sea shipping, simple rust.

Metal badge belongs to one of the badges (medals), generally mainly by stamping, die-casting, bite version of the process of manufacturing, the appearance of the badge can be electroplating gold, Goukin, Gu Yin, nickel and other electroplating role. It has the characteristics of simple line circulation, picture bump and so on can choose paint, enamel, printing and other external color technology to make the product more rich. Gold and silver badges are expensive, followed by copper badges, zinc alloy badges, iron badges cheap.

Metal badge The original embryo is used to make paint badges, soft enamel badges, drip badges, printed badges, concave badges of a step, metal badges through the paint or soft enamel process and then processed into a rich color of the delicate badge. Metal badge three-dimensional sense, a variety of pattern hierarchy outstanding, is a high-end user type in the use of a number of badge products. Do not color metal badges made of concave drawings after the manufacturing period will be shorter, suitable for large quantities of badge manufacturing.