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Collection value and introduction of metal badges

What kind of badge has the preservation value?

We believe that we all have a certain understanding of the badge, the badge is worn on the body used to indicate identity, career signs. It has a long history. So what kind of badge has the preservation value? Today Yiu Sheng can be a small editor to inform you:

First, the collection with less circulation is valuable, and the older the age, the faster the appreciation.

Second, has a serious pre-historical significance, if it is a serious pre-historical event, by the important former historical figures promulgated (such as The Emperor, Sun Yat-sen, Yuan Shikai, etc.), or the royal family, the national government and other rights institutions issued by the badge has a special significance, the value is high.

Third, the serious arrangement of the commemorative seal also has a higher room for appreciation.

Four, the character is intact, the printing letter is clear, the raw material valuable badge preservation value is also relatively high.

Introduction and size of metal medals

  Metal MedalsThe front is a pattern of the IOC's common rules-the Greek goddess of victory, standing on its wings, and the Greek Pannasinaco arena. The opposite side of the medal is inlaid from ancient China.

Dragon Grain Yupi Shape of the Yupi, the opposite side of the metal graphics engraved with the Beijing Olympic emblem. Medal hooks evolved from Chinese Traditional Jade Shuanglong pu Juan. Metal brand Blending is pure color, good texture of white jade, silver blending is green white jade, bronze in the middle of the jade for Green Jade, all for natural jade, color common but different texture.

There are several common medal size:








The size of the medal is determined by the amount of information, craftsmanship, thickness and type.

Metal badge The original embryo is a step used to make paint badges, soft enamel badges, drip badges, printed badges, concave badges, and metal badges are reprocessed into beautifully colored badges through paint or soft enamel processes. Metal badge three-dimensional sense, a variety of pattern hierarchy outstanding, is a high-end user type used in a lot of badge products. No color metal badge made of concave pattern after the manufacturing period will be shorter, suitable for large quantities of badge manufacturing.