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Metal badge design concept and production essentials

With the growing of travel souvenir shop in China, travel souvenir chapter has become a more important part of the travel industry, the data from lead skin, aluminum to alloy, manufacturing is becoming more and more exquisite. Most of the travel souvenir chapters have local characteristics and will compare the characteristics of the travel scenic spot. Such as Badaling Great Wall, Hangzhou West Lake, etc., which is not easy to buy in other local, so attractive to tourists, is the main product of travel badge manufacturing.

Precautions for manufacturing Travel souvenir chapters:

1. Manufacture of travel photosMetal badgeMust selects scenic spots with representative scenery, places of interest, ancient temples and other attractions 2. Considering easy to carry, travel souvenir chapters can be made into small, lightweight, Beautiful printed badge 3. Travel badges can be made into a series, but given the price factor, cheap prices can also cause tourists to buy 4. Travel Souvenir seal has the preservation value, can choose the enamel craft to make, at the same time is also a kind of beautiful enjoyment West Lake is one of the water township of our country, will hold large-scale travel souvenir activities every year The line of remembrance is a lot of color for the colorful activities.

It will be a considerable personal spiritual wealth to collect these travel souvenir chapters when you get home. Not only spend less money and leave a precious memory!

Company Badge Manufacturing: The difference between a factory emblem and a trademark

A trademark is a product that is used by a producer or operator in the production, manufacture, processing, selection or distribution of a product that may be served by a provider in the service it provides.

Factory emblem is an extremely important symbol of the company badge, more to the company's factory LOGO as the main pattern of the badge. The company badge includes factory badges, employee badges, company activity badges, and company celebration badges.

The difference between a factory emblem and a trademark:

Use different sizes

Factory emblem is the enterprise used in the sign of the LOGO.

A trademark is a LOGO used in the service of a product.

The applicable laws are different

The factory emblem is maintained by the Enterprise Act, and the regional scale of the maintenance is divided into the city as the boundary.

Domestic registered trademarks are maintained by trademark law, and the regional scale of maintenance is the whole of China.

Factory emblem manufacturing, mainly copper data, size in the 25-35mm around, can be used paint or imitation enamel process, surface gold or nickel plating (silver).