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Metal jackpot manufacturers share Crystal Medal craftsmanship

The meaning of Crystal Medal crystal Crafts

Crystal Medal crystal Handicraft meaning is actually very easy to understand, Crystal Medal handicraft refers to the crystal raw materials made of craft products. Crystal Trophy, Crystal Medal, crystal work ornaments, crystal souvenirs, crystal gifts, crystal carving, crystal color printing and other products, crystal crafts shape fine and transparent, noble and elegant, not only has practical value, but also decorative effect, so deeply loved by people. Will be the company's annual meeting activities prizes, year-end Commendation meeting prizes, company opening souvenirs, anniversary celebrations souvenirs, student party souvenirs, comrades gathered souvenirs, veterans retired to remember the crystal crafts, product materials pay attention to, Crystal Medal craft exquisite, elegant and beautiful, with high appreciation value and collection value.

In modern life, dazzling Crystal Medal crafts, with its unique fashion and elegance to express the ancient song art and Modern Life of the grade, Crystal crafts in the shape of the colorful, crystal clear. A delicate crystal handicraft is loved by many art lovers by virtue of the whims and messy craftsmanship contained therein.

Metal award plate manufacturers to explain the crystal trophy preservation methods are mainly more than the following:

1 Crystal Trophy itself is fragile, so in the process of moving, to pay great attention, lightly take lightly. Do not place in the local area where the child is enough, and pay attention to the location of the Crystal Trophy.

2 Crystal Trophy do not use detergent containing corrosion agent cleaning, try to use a soft and clean rag wipe.

3 Crystal Trophy can be placed independently in a space, do not be placed with too much hardness of objects, such as jade jewelry, metal ornaments, etc., to prevent the scraping of flowers.

4 Crystal Trophy also to prevent exposure to the sun, high temperature lights long-term direct, which will affect the crystal color.

5 Crystal Trophy can not often contact with bare hands, should be brought with white gloves, in order to be able to take.