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Metal badge Manufacturer: How is the paint badge made?

For laymen, the manufacturing method of the paint badge may not be very understanding, there is a sense of ambiguity, today's metal badge manufacturers to give us a detailed introduction to the paint badge how to make it?

Paint badge is a practice of the badge, the general manufacturing materials for copper, iron, zinc alloy and so on, of which copper used more, but also relatively expensive, iron paint badge is relatively affordable. Its appearance has a clear bump sense, good texture, suitable for some of the manufacture of high-end badges. Widely used in the Army special identity signs, advertising, communications, gifts corporate cultural heritage and brand promotion and other uses.

1. Etching

With a specially made chemical acid, corrosion, so that its words and pictures are reflected. Commonly used in staff chest cards, police metal badges, work cards, nameplate signage plaque. Have a certain identity mark.

2, mold Stamping

After skilled craftsman developed, developed the training mold to disposable stamping, die-casting, injection of the badge, used in metal badges, Army logo, high-end badge manufacturing, often with a three-dimensional sense, and beautiful appearance of bright color.

3. Exquisite printing

In the past, the machine printing process as the basis, affixed to metal or other materials, the appearance of drip molding. This process is mostly used in the customer's high quality requirements for beautiful drawings, such as the mutation of color, the embodiment of the sense of hierarchy, spot color equipment. Its style is elegant, chic, well received by the vast user.

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