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What is the relationship between metal signage customization and Feng Shui's xiangrui?

  Metal Signage CustomizationWhat does it have to do with Feng Shui's xiangrui, now let's take a comprehensive look at the feng Shui Xiangrui meaning of Kirin crafts ornaments:
Kirin, also known as "Vernon Lin", referred to as "Lin", is a record of China's ancient books of an animal, and Phoenix, tortoise, dragon together called "four spirits", the symbol Xiangrui. It's God's mount.
Kirin, is the ancient Chinese people are hoping to appear auspicious animals, their appearance shows the happiness of a generation. Therefore, people at that time expected Kirin to always accompany themselves, to bring themselves luck and light, and to remove ominous. When the ancient times of this worship was passed down together, Kirin's auspicious significance is also recognized by the general public and firmly exist in people's understanding, Kirin has become a sign of some kind of idea, a certain artistic conception of the embodiment, some kind of strength of the manifestation, and inspire people's imagination, guide People's spirit to conform to a certain idea, Into a specific realm, to give people expectations, comfort and some kind of seeking strength, into the folk days, embodied in all aspects of national culture.
The moral of Kirin:
(I) the son and the child. China's traditional concept of fertility is expected to stand early in the heirs, more children, future generations, many children and many blessings, and "filial piety has three, no one is big" will not be able to have children, the lineage as a big unfilial piety. This traditional concept is deeply rooted and has affected generations from generation to generation. Whether it is pregnancy from a woman, or to the birth of a baby, hundred 晬, and other congratulations, it reflects the untiring blessing that people have done to this end. Because Kirin has come to the sages of Confucius, so people believe that Kirin can both send children, but also can bless the son. Therefore, the "Kirin delivery" as the theme of the folk culture phenomenon is not only seen in the image, prayer language, but also in the age of the event, the embodiment of a wide range of forms, intended to request, wish early born expensive son, future generations virtuous.
(Ii) Construction of decorations. Brick and wood carving is an important way to build and decorate in ancient China, rich in genre and exquisite in engraver, giving a vivid image to the construction of the shape. Brick carving is mostly used for brick structure construction of veneer and wooden wall building of the outer eaves of brick walls, wood carving in addition to the construction of external eaves, more used for interior eaves decoration. Tianjin Brick Carving is a leader of brick carving art, in the Qing Qianlong jiaqing years is also a tile for the fine work, brick carving actors are called "carving work." Daoguang years, to develop into an independent industry, constitute the famous "Tianjin carving brick." And walls, inside and outside according to Finch, Frontal fang, Flower hood and four fan screen, flower plate, Fara and other decoration on the wood carving process is also unbelievable.
(Iii) Ornaments and patterns. From ancient times to the present, people love to Kirin's craft as a talisman to wear on the body, its texture has gold, silver, copper, jade and so on, especially pay attention to the baby wearing "Kirin lock", in order to pray for children long life. In addition, the traditional pattern of the art of Kirin as a picture is also widely used. In the Tang Dynasty Wu Zetian, with Kirin as decorations embroidered in robe clothes, known as "Kirin Robe", specifically rewarded to more than three products of the martial arts wear. In the Qing Dynasty, Kirin was embroidered on the "supplement" of the Attaché, which became the symbol of the hierarchical system. In the folk paper-cut, year painting, embroidery, wax and other arts and crafts, have left the living shadow of Kirin.
(Iv) Praise and toast. Folk mostly to "Kirin son", "Lin er", "Lin Zi" and so on for the United States to promote the children of other people's family. Such as the Southern Dynasty, "Chen Book and the Mausoleum" said: "When the person, the world said it has a youdao, the mausoleum years old, the family with Houzhi, Baozhi hand to the top, Yue Chr Sky Stone Kirin also Chr." "Tang Du" Du caotang poetry and Xu Qing two children's song ":" June see Xu Qing two children sighted, induction Gimeng follow, Kong kiss, and is the sky Kirin son. " "With the example of" Lin Zi Feng ", the descendants of the aristocracy, the toast of the descendants of the" Lin Toe ", the cross batches of the Hilen of the marriage, the offspring of the toast fertility benevolence, and the rare food with the example of" Lin "and the" rare "reputation and elucidation of the items are valuable.