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Size requirements and prospects for metal badge customization

What effect does metal badge custom bring to Enterprise

A metal badge is a sign worn on the body to indicate identity and occupation. It has a long history, the source can be traced back to the Primitive society Clan tribe's totem symbol. So at what time do you need a metal badge? What effect does a metal badge have on a business? Here's a look.

  Metal badgeIs the face of corporate image. The badge can establish a good image in the public and continue to have a lasting effect on the sustainable development of the enterprise.

Metal badges are a great gift to encourage employees. Send a badge on the employee's birthday to make the employee feel the warmth of the home. In the staff for the enterprise to make outstanding contributions, give a medal, so that employees experience a sense of accomplishment.

Metal badges allow more people to remember. The badge is determined by the particularity of the raw material, unlike the paper product propaganda is easy to damage, can let more people remember, and has the certain collection value.

Enterprises to manufacture metal badges have a variety of ways, commonly used methods are through the Internet to find professional metal badge custom manufacturers, small series remind the vast number of friends, due to the limitations of the network, must master the necessary badge common sense to do so, lest cheated.

Metal badge Custom What are the requirements for scale?

Gold and silver badges are expensive, followed by copper badges, zinc alloy badges, iron badges cheap. Metal badge Custom scale size is mainly based on customer requirements to manufacture, then there is no requirement on the scale? The following billion Hua technology small editor to take you together to understand:

In fact, metal badge customization can be manufactured according to demand into a variety of different scales, while considering the actual operating possibilities and price ratio can be.

Metal badge We all know that it is a kind of medal, generally mainly by stamping, die-casting, bite version of the process of manufacturing, the appearance of the badge can be electroplating gold, Goukin, Gu Yin, nickel and other electroplating effect. It has the characteristics of concise and smooth lines, picture bump and so on can use paint, enamel, printing and other external color technology to make the product more rich.

But the metal badge custom scale size will directly affect the badge price, the larger the scale, the higher the price. Because more material is consumed, the workmanship time is longer. Of course, it is not the smaller the cheaper, the scale is too small, the planning picture is relatively complex, it is more difficult to do, and even some planning can not actually operate, such as this situation price is relatively high, so in the metal badge custom time to consider a good scale problem, to find the appropriate price/performance ratio.

Warm tip: General metal Badge Custom scale requirements according to the use of badges and planning drawings summed up, generally worn in the chest of the badge using 20-25mm is more appropriate, the badge scale is based on the diameter of the long edge to account, the circular badge for the diameter of the scale.