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Several methods of revealing metal signage customization

Several practices of metal signage

Metal signage products produced through different manufacturing processes are also of varying use.Metal Signage CustomizationThere is a lot of information made, plastic manufacturing signs on the Burmese frontal stripes and pictures are mostly sprayed on, and the texture of metal signs are generally engraved, will give people a delicate feeling, of course, spray paint can also be used on metal signs, compared to plastic and other materials, metal spray paint is not easy to fall.

First, photosensitive plate making method

Screen printing signs used in the printing plate accuracy requirements are high, generally choose advanced Direct, direct, straight between three kinds of photosensitive plate making method.

Second, the carbon paper printing method

A simpler craft plate making method. Cutting photosensitive paper: photosensitive paper is a mixture of thick on the oxygen human barium raw paper made of carbon paper, according to the size of the graphic cut to spare.

Third, lacquer film engraving method

A kind of craft plate making method, which is relatively simple. Can be printed generally less sophisticated monochrome drawings and text. Spray Engraving Paint film paper: Will drawings with paste glued to the flat wood plate, with pen put rubber water 1 parts, gasoline 1 parts tuned, evenly coated on paper, after drying spraying soft varnish 3-5 times, after each spraying, in the oven with 40 degrees ~50 drying, paint film thickness sprayed to 5~6 mm is appropriate, paint film Ching, uniform, no bubbles , No stain.

Metal Screen Printing Signage

Metal screen printing signage refers to the selection of resin ink, in the pre-treatment of the plate surface screen printing, and then light preservation, laminating and other processes can be made into a variety of exquisite color screen printing metal signs.

Metal Screen printing signage manufacturing technology, is an aspect of the application of screen printing technology. Now a wide range of screen printing signs have been widely used in the electronics industry and household appliances products, especially in a variety of signs on the surface of the selection of new decoration technology, it in a delicate and elegant form, repeatedly colorful decoration effect displayed in front of people, improve the value of goods and competitiveness. In the metal signage manufacturing process, play a decisive role in the screen printing plate and substrate pretreatment process technology and printing points and screen printing ink selection.